About Us

Crossfire Ammunition is fully committed to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Crossfire Ammunition is fully committed to resisting whatever would rob us of that.


The name “Crossfire” along with our three-bullet “Cross” symbol, were not chosen by accident….


In this natural world, there are adversarial forces that would catch us in a Crossfire, and rob us of our natural life, liberty, and happiness. We must stand against those adversaries by every means we have available. The desire of our hearts would be saying, "O God, I do not want to shoot this person. I pray that they would turn and run the other way. That they would allow you, O God, to turn their hearts from darkness to Light so they could learn the salvation that comes from Christ alone. And... only as an absolute last resort would I shoot this person to protect my family and myself.


In the spiritual world there are adversarial forces even more powerful… that hold us in a Crossfire to rob us of a promise made long ago for eternal life, liberty, and happiness. The Cross speaks of Christ who has defeated the adversary and is willing to take us through His death of the cross so that we might be filled with His indestructible life and share in His great inheritance from the Father.


Make no mistake about it, mankind has been forever caught up in spiritual darkness that he could not resist, and in a spiritual battle that he could never win. From His great mercy, God sends those lightning flashes of revelation so that we can recognize that we are helplessly flawed and cannot save ourselves. Eternal life, with real liberty, and happiness can only come through the Cross, through the life of Another.


In reality it is about Him… and because of Him… it is also about us.